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Bracelets, Silver/Semi-Precious Stones
Lapis & silver bracelet—$70*
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Click Here—$70.00

Lapis & silver bracelet $55*
To Order #silbrclapflwr-2

Click Here—$55.00

Lapis & silver bracelet—$65*
To Order silbrclapsqov-3
Click Here— $65.00
Garnet & silver bracelet—$55*
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Click Here—$55.00

Carnelian & silver bracelet—$75* To Order #silbrccarnovl-5
Click Here— $75.00

Crystals & silver bracelet—$100*
To Order #silbrccrymult-6
Click Here— $100.00
Turquoise & silver bracelet—$45*
To Order #silbrctrqflwr-7
Click Here—$45.00

Adventurine/silver bracelet—$55*
To Order #silbrcadvrnd-8
Click Here—$55.00

*All prices include shipping and handling.

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