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Mandala Set

Mandala Offering Set
Mandala offering set
$40.....(includes shipping and handling)

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Tibetan Incense
Tibetan incense is made from the finest herbs, barks and essences blended to burn slowly, creating a peaceful and healing atmosphere. We have a number of different choices offered here.
Tara Healing Incense
A mild, soothing incense with healing properties.
$5/box.... (includes shipping and handling)

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Miscellaneous other Tibetan incense

Red Crystal Incense*
(long red/brown/yellow box. This is reputed to be the finest of all Tibetan incense
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Long incense in cellophane package.*
Many people consider this to be a close second to the Red Crystal incense
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Click Here— $10.00

Norbu incense (white box)*.
We have a limited amount of this available. Very fine incense, es-pecially recommended for pujas.
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