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We have a varying number of Tibetan thangka paintings in stock, depicting various Buddhist subjects. Traditionally, these scrolls are painted on a sized cotton, which is stretched tightly on a wooden frame, coated with starch, and polished to a shiny surface. The image is then drawn, and painted in water-based tempera paint. In the more elaborate paintings, the artists use actual semi-precous and precious stones ground up in a paint base, with paint made from pure gold for the finest detail.

Thangkas come in various sizes, and are bound in silk brocade, as scrolls. There is a plain silk "curtain" covering the painting when it is not being viewed, and a flat horizontal hanging stick at the top. Many also have a round stick at the bottom, and some have elaborate metal caps on the ends of the bottom stick.

We are in the process of photographing all of our thangkas, and will add more daily until we have them all depicted here. The following are only a few of the ones which are currently available. If you do not see what you want, please email us, and we will let you know if we have it it stock.

Samantabhadra (Wrathful)
Samantabhadra (Peaceful)
Kurukulla (Wrathful Red Tara)
21 Taras
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