American Festival of
Microtonal Music


MicroFest 2003

10 Concerts

February 8 + March 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29
at 8pm

Washington Square
United Methodist Church
in NYC
(135 W. 4th Street)


American Festival of Microtonal Music presents:

MicroFest 2003: 10 Concerts February 8 + March 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29 at 8pm Washington Square United Methodist Church in NYC (135 W. 4th Street)

Saturday, March 15th
is a rather mysterious evening, initiated by the gonging of Don Conreaux in an evocative INVOCATION. Johnny Reinhard's music to Royce Dendler's operetta libretto QOHELETH is premiered by sopranos Meredith Borden (Tux) and Carol Flamm (Grunge), and an ensemble of flute, cello, harpsichord, and percussion. New Yorkers are also treated to the first US performance of I THINK OF YOU (1928) by Juliàn Carrillo, featuring soprano Borden, flute, violin, viola, 96-tone harp, quartertone guitar, and vina. Violinist Tom Chiu divines for himself imho, a spotlight for Skip LaPlante (homemade instruments), Don Conreaux (gong), Johnny Reinhard (bassoon), and himself. The concert concludes with the night's musicians perfoming a just intonation interpretation of Alexander Scriabin's MAGIC CHORD, as deduced by Scriabin's colleage, Leonid Sabaeyev.

The American Festival of Microtonal Music
, under the direction of Johnny Reinhard, presents 10 New York Concerts starting February 8 at Washington Square United Methodist Church (located at 135 West 4th Street), and continuing there on each Saturday evening in March. On April 22, there is a Guitar feature concert at Faust and Harrison (located at 205 West 58th Street), followed by Piano concerts on April 25, April 26, & May 2. All concerts begin at 8 PM and general admission is $12, $5 for seniors and students (with ID), at the door.


Dear Spiritual Family:

The Planet Earth is our musical instrument as well as our habitat. Ancient Teachings have likened this Heavenly Sphere to a Resonating Gong with Reverberating Overtones that ascend and fill all space becoming the higher thoughts of the musician/adept (you and me) and all of Humanity as a Collective Soul. We live together in this Great Gong Tone of Life.

Because we exist in this Music of Wholeness we are the Emissaries of its Holistic Resonance. There is a Regenerative or Rejuvenating Force that is released from the Bronze Gong, and we, as Molecules imbedded within Form, hold the Design Science of the Whole.

According to Science, this Micro-Macro Fractal Relationship describes a Holistic Universe with a Super Conscious Quantum Field and that is the magic we carry within us. I feel the alchemical work of a gong master is to make this gong experience of yoga with sound accessible for the Resurrection of an ever-youthful World Soul within us. This is what I teach. You are a gong and I am a gong, and as such I am another yourself.

Don Conreaux


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