is a grassroots organization which performs theatre, dance, puppet, and international music programs, holds community festivals & bazaars, and works with other Tibet support groups in organizing and actualizing mutual activities such as demonstrations, & campaigns.

Dharma Bums play at Tricycle Magazine's Buddhist Conference, at the Marriott World Trade Hotel in New York City, June 2001

Since then, we have continued to work as a kind of guerrilla-theatre presenting live-action plays and mounting fairs and celebrations of Tibet.

This site currently offers articles on Tibet , photos of political actions, music, plays, and other creative property free to any and all who wish to use them to spread the word about Tibet's plight.

We also provide a forum for expression by our members and other friends of Tibet who are involved in performing and in creating art. For example, we are now offering three free online spiritual adventure novels about Tibet by John Brzostoski— "The Pyramid of the White Cloud" and "The Master of the Mandala" and The Golden Hexagram (all complete!). We also have a regular cartoon feature, Tibetan Liberation Comics, currently featuring "On the High Road", and two new sections—a dharma-related feature, "Spiritual Liberation", and "Artistic Liberation" (non-Tibet-related work by artists who are involved with Tibet.) And, NEW!, the Medicine Dragon Book.

Finally, we have a calendar of events for TLT and the Tibet movement in general, dharma events, and the Dharma Bums, our "house band", and an online catalog for the "real world" Visionary Gallery.

We were founded in order to add an element of pizzaz to the Tibet movement back in 1990, when we organized a series of free outdoor theatre and music events. These featured masked puppet plays about Tibet and original music about Tibet by the Dharma Bums. (see photo>>)

Tibetan Liberation Theatre play, World Tibet Day, Central Park NYC, July 1998