From: "Vajrayana Foundation L.A."
Subject: FW: Stupa Project

The following email from Chagdud Gonpa is being forwarded
by the Vajrayana Foundation, L.A. . . .

Below is information from Lama Shenpen on a project you may be interested in supporting:

A number of Nyingma Lamas and sanghas are involved in the creation of two stupas, traditional Buddhist monuments representing the enlightened mind which are an extremely powerful means for dispelling negativity and promoting peace and auspicious good fortune. Due to the current world events, we are trying to complete construction of these stupas as quickly as possible and need your help.

H.E. Terton Namkhai Drimed Rinpoche conducted divinations concerning the stupa location. He indicated that Pema Osel Ling, the retreat land of Vajrayana Foundation located near Santa Cruz, CA, would be an auspicious site. He also indicated that it would be very beneficial not only for the stupas to be constructed on American soil, but also for as many Americans as possible to become a part of the project, in order to promote positive collective interdependence for peace and good fortune.

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche, Founder of Vajrayana Foundation, said the following about the stupa project:

"The stupa is a symbolic support of Buddha's enlightened mind... The method of bringing about liberation through seeing sacred objects is called "tong-drol". A stupa is a supreme form of tong-drol and carries powerful blessings to alleviate suffering in the world.

We have an incredible collection of relics from many enlightened beings, such as Buddha Shakyamuni, Dipankara, Indian and Tibetan scholars, and manhasiddhas to include in our stupas. Additionally, as a support of enlightened form, we are making 100,000 Dorje Drolod tsa-tsas... As a support of enlightened speech, we place sacred texts along with millions of mantras inside. Implements such as vajras, phurbas, driguks, kapalas, and so on are added as a support of enlightened mind.

In order to alleviate suffering from starvation, we collect different grains and place them at the base of the stupa. To remove suffering from sickness and disease, we put a collection of beneficial herbal medicines in the stupa. We place various weapons inside to remove the causes and conditions of war. To increase wealth and prosperity, a part of the stupa becomes a treasure house palace for numerous treasure vases...

There are many stories telling how stupas have manifested in the past...

Each time this kind of enlightened activity manifested, a period of great peace and happiness ensued. In the short term, obstacles were subdued and all positive qualities increased. Ultimately, anyone connected with the stupa is led to the state of complete enlightenment.

Similarly, by building this kind of holy support, the entire world, as well as our own country, will benefit greatly. It has the power to subdue all negative energy, increase all good fortune, wealth, knowledge, and wisdom and bring inconceivable wisdom energy to magnetize peace and happiness for all beings, leading to ultimate enlightenment. By building these stupas, we are creating the same kind of powerful, beneficial circumstances that holy beings of previous times created.

...I am genuinely requesting and recommending that as many people as possible strive to make a connection with this project. Anyone who makes a connection, through helping build the stupa with offerings of time, work, money, or other material offerings, will derive incredible benefit and create inconceivable merit. The benefit is that temporarily all obstacles will be removed and all wishes fulfilled and ultimately, the seeds for liberation will germinate. After it is built, anyone who sees it, makes prayers or offerings or does circumambulations there, will continue to receive its benefit. Through our pure intention, these stupas will carry the power of tong-drol, and their presence in the world will magnetize peace and happiness for all.

Please join us in making this connection with enlightened mind, according to your capacity and with a pure heart."

More than $30,000 has been raised of the estimated $80,000-$85,000 needed for these two stupas. The site has been cleared and construction has begun, and over 25,000 of the tsa-tsas have already been cast.

Volunteers are needed to help in the construction of the stupas, or the casting of the remaining tsa-tsas that will go inside. Donations (which are tax-deductible and should be clearly earmarked for the stupa project) can be sent to:

Vajrayana Foundation
Attn: John Reynolds
1940 Eureka Canyon Rd. Watsonville, CA, 95076.

If you would like, you can also send donations to:
CGF PO Box 279 Junction City, CA, 96048.
(Rigdzin Ling is collecting donations and forwarding them
to Vajrayana Foundation.)

If you know others who would be interested in this project, please feel free to share any of this information with them.

In the Dharma,
Kim Rigdzin Ling

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