The Dharma Bums
1990: (left to right) Howie Wyeth, Phil Void, Andreas Villamil, Mark Dann
Rev. Phil Void—songwriter, lead vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, Tibetan bells, cymbals, drums, dung (longhorn), khangling (thighbone trumpet)

Mark Dann—bass, guitar, vocals

Howie Wyeth—drums, piano

Joe Flood—violin, vocals

Andreas Villamil—standup bass, vocals

Collage from CD taken in India and New Jersey, 1972—1982.
Dharma Bums—Woodstock, NY 1998
Phil Void with Garth Hudson, Central Park, World Tibet Day 1998.
Phil Void, Glastonbury, UK 1990
Phil Void & Mark Dann in Dharamsala, India, on Tibetan National Uprising Day, March 10th, 1999
Phil Void & Joe Flood in London, 1990
The Dharma Bums at Lhasa Restaurant, 1998
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